Our Technology

We can assure you that our mlm software is the best product in Network Marketing all over the country. We have more than 1000 satisfied clients all over the IN. So you can understand that why we are the best.
We have more than 1000 satisfied client in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderbad, Chennai, Bengaluru e.t.c and all over the IN.

   We are the only mlm software which follows complete software development life cycle.

   Dedicated Team of 5 Industrial and IT experts.

   First MLM Software integrate with Pre-paid voucher system in India, real time Inventory Management system, Credit card payment gateway, Smart card technology, Event Management system.

   Our MLM software with more than 10000 end users (Members) has used the software in last 2 years, India’s first real time web based MLM software, integrate latest technologies like SMS & IVRS.

bullet     India’s top real time web based MLM software

We invented the most valuable software which can connect online. Our web based application system is built to help you 24 hours in any situation and you can manage your accounts as well as your down line.

bullet      First MLM software to integrate latest technologies like SMS & IVRS

We already have proved that our SMS Integrator is the fastest and most accurate way to reach your valued business partners. Our automatic sms sending features helps client to reach customers quickly and in time.

bullet      Over 100000 End Users

As we told that we have more than 200 clients who have purchased and using our application, so we have more than 100000 end users who have experienced the beautiful features of our application.

bullet      Integrated with Pre-paid Voucher System

To make your business secured, we have added the prepaid voucher system. It allows easy payment acceptance through our E-Pin system in MLM domain.

bullet      Integrated with Real Time Inventory Management System

We have the best and perfect inventory management system so that it inspired us to integrate it with our application. This system helps you to solve stock keeping problems.

bullet      Credit Card Payment Gateway

Through Credit Card Payment Application, users can pay inbound payments. This application supports most of the international payment gateways like Pay-pal, Alert-Pay & most of the credit cards in the market.

bullet      Developed in Foreign Language

There was a need for the MLM software users that it should be made with foreign language and we have fulfilled their expectations. So this features have been accepted and used globally.

bullet      Included with Social Networking System

As we know, every person involves in social networking and they have made it a part of their life. So our application is integrated with social networking systems like Facebook,Google Plaus, Twitter,Blogger etc which will improve the marketing of your company.

bullet      Team of Five IT Professional for supports.

Our expert team, continuously working on latest issues in MLM industry and thus we are in the top in solving any kind of market related issues.All this huge team of professionals would be dedicatedly working on your project. This leads to maintain the quality of the software in less possible time.